Let’s Hope it’s not Hereditary

While trying to create my triptych comic I went through dozens of A Softer World webcomics for inspiration. I saw that the majority of the comics were often just normal images with unexpected jokes in the last panel. With that, I continued to search on Flickr for any images that I believe could tell a story or that could relate to a darker and humorous punchline. When I saw this image of the elderly citizens casually sipping coffee and chatting, it reminded me of my late grandfather who always had quite a dark sense of humor. He lived with me for almost a year before his passing because of the severe dementia he suffered from, but he always managed to brighten up our days with inappropriate jokes and antics. I made this comic with him in mind because it is the same kind of inappropriate statement that he would have said to someone if it hadn’t been him in the other chair.

Creating the composition of the comic was not too hard to do. I simply split the entire image into three separate panels and added gutter spaces in-between before adding the text. The most challenging part of the assignment was trying to come up with the joke itself. I wanted it to be a little dark, but still funny. However, I’m honestly not sure if I quite accomplished that. It’s funny to me, but that may be because dementia actually does run in my family and this situation is very ironic in the scheme of my life. This type of comic is very different from the others we’ve done in class. I felt as if I wasn’t necessarily creating my own story, but merely replacing one that the image provided to me. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to change the storyline of the picture into a more humorous situation and crafting this strip was pretty fun for me. Both the image I used and the assignment prompt that formed this comic strip can be found here.

Published by bellanash9

First-year at Emory University & extremely excited for my new favorite class (ENG 181)

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