Maybe stick to chocolate next time

When I first started with my quadriptych, I did not know what kind of storyline it was going to turn into. I started with drawing my cartoon man and began wondering what antics he could possibly get into with just four panels. After much deliberation, I recognized the fact that boys are dumb and should often face consequences because of that. Thus, the story of a forgotten anniversary turned hospital trip was formed. This was much different than creating my triptych because I felt as if I was creating my own story rather than just turning an image into a punchline. This type of comic allows room for extra detail because of the fourth panel and that turns the story into more of a process. I enjoyed having the extra panel because I was able to take a closer look into the story and create a more detailed explanation of the plot. This week’s Sunday Sketch assignment, gave me the opportunity to tell a story of mistakes and unfortunate consequences that may follow. The man should’ve remembered his anniversary, but his unpreparedness led him to spending this special day in the bed of a hospital. He really should have just stuck with chocolate.

Published by bellanash9

First-year at Emory University & extremely excited for my new favorite class (ENG 181)

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