Through the Window of Life

The creation of this visual poem has been my favorite assignment to date. I’ve always loved blackout poems and the idea of recycling the innovation of others into new and unique pieces of work. I have no idea what the real page had said before, but it is completely irrelevant because this is now something original and different that the author assisted me in creating. I chose statements in the original text that interested me and connected to one another in a compelling way. I feel that the poem I was able to form from this is actually quite strong and works well in context. Even though none of the lines had any relation in the original text they now come together to provide a new story and a deeper meaning to the page.

Painting is a very cathartic outlet for me. I do not consider myself to be very good, but it is something that I could do for hours on end and take pride in the work I complete even though it is no Van Gogh. This week’s assignment may have taken a little longer than usually for me because once I start painting it is difficult for me to find the proper place to stop without wanting to add more and more. The toughest part for me was ensuring the background words were adequately covered and keeping the paint off the words of my poem. Unfortunately, some paint seeped onto parts of my poem which I think lessens the effect and neatness of the work. However, overall I am pleased with the outcome and had an extremely enjoyable time putting my time and effort into the assignment this week. This Sunday Sketch allowed me to think creatively, utilize a medium that we have not had the chance to work with yet, and have fun in doing so.

Published by bellanash9

First-year at Emory University & extremely excited for my new favorite class (ENG 181)

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