The Cinematic Affect on my Life

For the Sunday Sketch Assignment this week I chose to focus on a very important question- how do movies affect my life? I have quite an unhealthy obsession with movies and this assignment really helped with deconstructing just how severe my love for film is. I watch movies every single day so this week I decided to track what movies I watched, how many hours I spent watching movies and doing work each day, and my overall mood each night. I believe a lot can be drawn from my data and the conclusions made say a lot about who I am and what I enjoy.

It became very clear to me this week that my time spent on watching movies drastically towers over the time I spend working on homework or studying. This may or may not be an issue that I should address. I feel that as long as I have the ability to complete all my necessary work and do well in my classes in the time that I allot for school than I should have the freedom to watch as many movies I want. However, with that being said, I know that I have a tendency to procrastinate and that it would probably be more beneficial to me in the long run if I spent more time doing my work and furthering my education than spending all my time watching movies. Although this may be a negative affect that comes from my love of movies there are a lot of positives ones that I found as well. It’s obvious that watching movies greatly increases my mood. I absolutely love it. The days spent watching more movies and doing less work were definitely my happiest, especially if they were good movies. And the movies I watched this week were all great movies. Which leads my to my last conclusion, I have a fantastic taste in movies. I watched some classic films this week that were all types of hilarious, inspirational, and all around amazing choices. It’s very hard for me to find a movie I don’t like, but this week the movies were above and beyond all my expectations.

The visualization of my data was the trickiest part of this assignment. I wanted to display it in a way that was fun and aesthetically pleasing. I had never made any kind of infographic or needed to display any data in a sophisticated way like this so it was definitely a learning process. I decided to use a varying assortment of colors to make the data pop and use a word cloud, comparative bar graph, and pictorial bars to easily understand all the data I tracked. I had a good time this week learning more about tracking data and how to effectively portray my findings. This was something that was new to me, but it is a vital tool to have for the future. If I were to continue this assignment, I would find a another way that would make tracking my data more easy and accurate. It was a little difficult to remember to record my activities at all times, but the information I discovered was definitely important for the self-analysis of my life at this time. I was glad to have the opportunity to properly answer my posed question. Movies affect everything about my life. They immensely impact my time, my mood, and definitely my studies. This was vital to know because it allows me to adjust my life in order to better accommodate both my long-term goals and present state of health through balancing out my time and making decisions that are better for my overall sense of well-being.

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