The Happiest Place on Earth

A few weeks ago I took a trip down to Florida to spend the day at Disney World with my sister, my mom, my mom’s friend, and her children. As someone who isn’t used to being around many children, it often got very tiresome listening to their arguing, complaining, and just overall incompetence. Throughout the day, one of the children continuously fell behind our group as we traveled through the busy park and eventually we could no longer find her. Her mother rightfully began freaking out and searching all over the surrounding area. Five or ten minutes later when we were about ready to send out a full search and rescue party she nonchalantly walked back up to us with a turkey leg in her hand and not a care in the world. When trying to decide on a story for my comic I thought back to this moment with the suspense and unexpected ending and knew it would be the perfect one to share. Having a very limited space to recreate this story I wanted to focus on the overall progression of the events. I centered in on the initial reactions, the development of the settings, and the unanticipated ending that arose. The Tell a True Story Assignment gave me the opportunity to look back at the past few weeks and find the event which would best be framed into a comedic short comic. I really enjoy this particular memory and thus this assignment as well.

Published by bellanash9

First-year at Emory University & extremely excited for my new favorite class (ENG 181)

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